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Elspeth Beard: Inspiration for the adventurer in us all…

BMW R 1200 GS: Top of the heap..

Motorcycle adventure touring is nothing new, but recent years have seen a huge increase in sales of bikes that target this particular style and market.  There is something appealing about the idea of being able to strap on some luggage, pack your tent, and head off into the sunset… Continue reading

FZR 600 Mods: Paint and the Elements…

Despite being unhappy with my paint job on the Yamaha FZR 600, I had the chance to see if the rattle-can job could stand up to the elements.  Not moments after pulling her out of the garage, rain began to fall on the poor girl… Continue reading

A Motorcycle Journey: The Highest Road in the World…

Courtesy of the Highest Pass

There is a new documentary which will be making the rounds of the art-house theaters, called Highest Pass.  It documents a motorcycle journey over the highest road in the world, through the Himalayas of India… Continue reading

FZR 600 Mods: First adventure back on the road…

The grease spots are not mine!

After a stretch of dormancy while painting and completing some performance mods to the 1993 Yamaha FZR 600, it was time to fire her up and get her back on the road.  Of course, nothing goes as planned, and I noticed that the oil was looking a little milky through the sight glass.  Following some research, I determined it was either condensation from sitting and the temperature drop, or a more serious head gasket leak, allowing coolant to seep into the oil.  Good times… Continue reading